The better way to read eBooks and build your digital collection. eRead is our easy-to-use eBook reader that can be downloaded to your PC & Laptop.

eRead will be bundled with public domain novels and short stories, and you’ll also be able to upload any ePub, mobi, and PDF files.

Why choose eRead? Currently, there is a lack of supported and dedicated eBook Readers for PC.

eRead will be continually updated, and at an affordable price. It features a simple-to-use interface, minimalistic visuals, and the option for dark mode.


Want to get into interactive fiction? Our authoring tool, Inkvent, is completely free-to-use, web-based, and can be used on any device.

Inkvent is inspired by Twine’s Chapbook story format, and is designed to be easy-to-use, and feel like reading an eBook.

Inkvent is donationware, and will be a WYSIWYG software. No coding experience is needed, so you can focus completely on writing.

Stories made in Inkvent can be published anywhere, and made in HTML/Javascript.